The Dallas Famous Monsters Convention is a brand new event experience formed from the science fiction enthusiasm for conventions and the creative passion of horror fanatics. Running at the Dallas Sheraton May 26-28, 2017, the event features genre film and television stars, vendors, artists, and a full blown independent film festival in the form of the 2017 Silver Scream Film and Comic Fest. Famous Monsters’ legacy is rooted in fostering fan creativity, from its founder Forry Ackerman’s very first documented cosplay to the pages of the black and white magazine that changed lives around the world, and the Dallas Convention will keep that tradition alive with guests from THE X-FILES, STAR TREK, SHIN GODZILLA, and many more.


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Join us for Famous Monsters Convention in Dallas! Mingle with cult film stars, moan around in monster gear, have a meeting of the minds with your favorite artist, or just sit back and take in the chaos. We’re also planning a few surprises based on original material from American Gothic Press that should scare you witless! It’s a Monster World out there, and you can find the best of it at Famous Monsters Convention Dallas!
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