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Want to learn FX makeup from the pros? FM Convention Dallas welcomes the stars of Face Off!
VR Pavilion: Experience the Next Evolution of Immersive Storytelling



Lego Building

Join DWF’s LEGO User Group and build your own Godzilla!

Cosplay Contest

Build your best costume and win a trip to California!

Virtual Reality

Experience the latest in Virtual Reality Gaming.

Laser Tag

Guns, militias, zombies and you. Test your combat skills in our Laser Tag arena!


A rare experience – get onto the original deck of the Enterprise.

Silver Scream Fest

Explore and discover Hollywood’s next filmmakers and the films that will have launched their careers.


Photo Ops with these Ghostly and SUPERNATURAL cars!

Featured Films

Featured Films

From Japan - the directorial and special effects team. Panels and screening.

Latest Celebrity Announcements

Latest Celebrity Announcements

Hiroshi Kanatani

Kaiju artist Hiroshi Kanatani is joining the Famous Monsters Convention in Dallas.

Felissa Rose

Actress and producer Felissa Rose will be appearing at the Famous Monsters Convention.

R2 Builders Club

The R2 Builders Club will be joining the Famous Monsters Convention in Dallas!

Cosplay Gallifrey

Cosplay Gallifrey will be a cosplay guest at the Famous Monsters Convention.

Thomas Tenney

Comic book artist Thomas Tenney is joining the Famous Monsters Convention in Dallas.


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Latest News

  • star trek next generation mirror broken issue 1 picard cover enterprise idw comic

    STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION: MIRROR BROKEN has officially sold out at the distributor level!

  • Universal Monsters will live forever… especially now that the studio is making new movies about each of them.

  • freddy vs jason vs ash friday the 13th nightmare on elm street evil dead army of darkness

    6 horror and sci-fi movies that are so good, they got comic book tie-ins!

  • We unearthed some epic STAR WARS content when digging through the Ack-ives this week!

  • Shin-Godzilla-Yuji-Kaida-tease

    Famous Monsters’ newest art offering comes courtesy of Toho artist Yuji Kaida!

  • VRGluv controller glove VR

    Aaahh!!! Virtual Monsters column: a look at what’s new in the tech and VR world! April 28, 2017

  • Creature-From-The-Black-Lagoon-Famous-Monsters-of-Filmland-Issue-5-Ricou-Browning-Digging-Through-The-Ack-Ives-ackives

    CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON premiered in Famous Monsters all the way back in Issue 5!


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Join us for Famous Monsters Convention in Dallas! Mingle with cult film stars, moan around in monster gear, have a meeting of the minds with your favorite artist, or just sit back and take in the chaos. We’re also planning a few surprises based on original material from American Gothic Press that should scare you witless! It’s a Monster World out there, and you can find the best of it at Famous Monsters Convention Dallas!